>Say Goodbye to Cardio and Hello to Resistance Training

>Gone are the days of long cardio sessions. Now is the time to realize that staying in shape and getting healthy means much more than running for an hour on the treadmill every day.

Say Goodbye to Cardio and Hello to Resistance Training I hope to convince you of the importance of nutritious eating, resistance training and metabolic work over long cardio training sessions for fitness and fat loss.

When it comes to changing your shape, body composition, health and overall fitness, the solution is plain and simple:

* Eat clean foods
* Drink pure water
* Lift heavy things
* Avoid stagnation or plateaus

Simply mixing up your cardio on different machines is just not the way to achieve fat loss and prevent adaptation. You must work in different plains of motion, work different energy systems, vary your nutrient intake, and build muscles. Yes ladies, build muscles! If you want to be lean, healthy and fit, you need to prioritize your metabolic work and resistance training.

Your caloric expenditure is largely dependent on your resting metabolic rate (RMR) and the more muscle tissue you have, the greater your RMR. Instead of storing energy, you will burn calories more efficiently.

How Do You Build Muscle Tissue?

This happens through resistance training, proper balanced nutrition and supplementation. With endless cardio, you get higher levels of the fat-causing hormone cortisol and your muscles will be used for fuel. With endless cardio, you will lose muscle as well as fat.

There is nothing wrong with incorporating some cardio into your plan, but the key is to not make it the priority and to be even more certain that you are meeting your individual nutritional needs to properly refuel. Long-distance cardio is too common among gym-goers. Without a solid base of muscle mass, you quite literally kill your metabolism, increase inflammation and decrease your immunity. In addition, doing constant long cardio makes your body efficient, which means that your metabolism does not have to work as hard and that equates to less caloric expenditure overall. That is the key word here, “overall.”

You may initially burn more calories during a 90-minute cardio session than in a 35-minute high intensity interval session, but here’s the thing, the aftereffect of this type of HIT training gives you an overall higher caloric cost and does not do it at the expense of your metabolism and well-being. If your post-workout meal is planned right, you will have a much greater fat burn and your body will use up fatty acids to refuel. Also, your metabolism will kick into high gear for many hours after training, even when you’re at rest.

If you want to increase your metabolic rate even more, supplement with Omega-3 fish oils, which will increase your metabolic rate and decrease inflammatory hormones like cortisol that wreak havoc on your health and goals for a fit, lean physique. A study conducted out of Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania shows that “six weeks of supplementation with Omega-3 fish oil significantly increased lean mass and decreased fat mass. These changes were significantly correlated with a reduction in salivary cortisol following fish oil treatment.”

So, I hope I was able to show you that there are better ways to work out than just simply sticking to cardio. Let’s recap:

* Too many long cardio sessions increase inflammation and inflammatory hormones.
* Too many long cardio sessions make your body efficient, which results in a slower metabolism.
* Too many long cardio sessions eat up your muscle tissue.
* Too many long cardio sessions decrease immunity and make you weak and frail.

If you want to do cardio, you have to earn the right to do it. You must first build some lean tissue and eat a clean diet. I don’t like to use this overused line, but you can’t out-train a bad diet (I think it was Craig Ballentyne who said that first?). The key to physique transformation or being tight, fit and healthy comes from the firming of resistance training, the caloric balance of a good diet, nutrient-rich foods, a few high-cost interval sessions per week and controlling the inflammatory responses caused by too much training without proper nutrient intake and supplementation.


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