Rough Days Make For Tough Days ;)

When all you got is blessings around you but your mind wanders to dark

You fight the black but it keeps creeping in, your life feels like a lark

When all that seems to satisfy is giving your love, giving it up for all but you

None can survive this way, but guilt, never good enough, bullshit always coming through

The voices you try to control, you drown it out but band-aids lose their stick

You often wonder if it’s just past veering its head or if you really might be sick

Surrounded by so much love, support and yet some tell you that’s all lies

Never knowing what the truth is, gut instinct nullified, lost in so many people’s eyes

Silence is the enemy because that’s when it awakens, stirred up and ready to feed

You would never hurt another but your own soul cannot be freed

Feelings come and go in waves you hide it all well, you do what’s needed to get by

Thank God the warrior deep in us all doesn’t believe the “stories” told, the lies

It’s not a switch you can turn on and off and off and on again

Some days it’s like IT is never there, like the now was never then.




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