Rosacea, your guts and other stuff!

It wasn’t until about a year and a half ago when I began battling several (some recurrent) health issues that it clicked in that I had a particular kind of rosacea when I was a kid which clued me in to the potential reasons certain things were happening. This also enlightened me to some other things I have been researching and experimenting with myself to treat. How is this relevant in relation to some of the health issues and my coming out of it? Well it seemed to rear its evil head again but this time with a more vicious attack aka acne rosacea and ocular rosacea. It got so bad that I literally couldn’t open my eyes it hurt SO badly and they were so sensitive to light. I went to see several doctors and even specialists about my eyes, skin, my chronic fatigue, swelling and aching and they all said it was in my head…REALLY?! Why not even at least TRY thank you very much only because you can’t figure it out you let me suffer and feel nuts! Just like before when they wanted to cut me open for a needless gallbladder surgery and instead I upped my fats, added enzymes and the symptoms went away and it has been over ten years,they didn’t even try or listen but I figured it out by researching and researching some more. Well, this sort of newer issue I had been in such a state due to SEVERAL reasons metabolically (most related to physical and mental stress and something else I have ranted to some about that I won’t waste my time with here) that I was swollen, my face looked like someone else’s, my “acne” got worse and no matter what I did or didn’t do or ate or didn’t eat, my body was not my own. Seriously it is hell when even the healthiest of foods that you could eat made you feel like total garbage, your body can’t actually digest and utilise ANY nutrients and nothing works right physically, psychologically or otherwise. I was accused of many things but I digress only I know the truth and I am alright with that. The reason I am posting this is because maybe there is someone else out there who might be able to relate to some of the stories within this story or the ones I am  linking to in here and you might want to know more (please ask if you do). There is so much that I would like to say and to explain as people often just think that rosacea is a simple red in the face issue and it simply is not it is way more and is often a symptom of something else going on within you and I am not afraid to say that yes I have had gut and health issues since I was a kid due to malnourishment during development, I am also not afraid (finally) to admit that I am a helluva lot smarter than I let on but because of growing up in poverty and struggling my whole life with it. I hid a lot of things and played dumb so to speak because it was easier to admit stupidity than poverty (the latter comes with less stigma believe me!) and what not and it is almost a blessing as it makes me a lot more aware and inquisitive about things not to mention my knowledge for what those living in poverty have to go through. I also stopped caring about myself, threw it all out the window cause I just wanted to lift heavy shit no matter what because I felt selfish and just wanted to punish myself with horrible workouts (and people accused me of not working hard enough lmao if you only knew) all the time to deal with things, stopped trusting ME and listened to too much not legit shit. It also made me very resourceful and passionate about particular things. Your gut is so freaking important to EVERYTHING and I don’t just  mean your stomach like many might think. I mean the whole process of digestion and all of the organs, the systems and so on involved that affects all about your well being or feeling like hell as your guts health affects your immunity, your brain, all of your systems. If your digestion sucks, you pretty much will too and this is a major thing that I have battled for a long time and still am as I do it on my own. Because my face and your face is the first thing people see and people are pretty freaking mean I am harping on the explanation of potential acne or rosacea issues due to some peoples ignorance that I and a couple others I have spoken with have had to deal with (have I mentioned mean people suck?!?) . Here are a few links I want to share with you: (ps notice how fruit is mentioned in the third link and ps adding it back into my diet actually has helped me a lot and I still avoid added and fake sugars and excessive starchy food so yeah fruit is not the devil!)

Rosacea: A Common, Yet Commonly Overlooked, Condition

I think I may have posted this before but I just love how things are explained in this article From Pie Hole to Poop Chute

Christine Northrop – Rosacea

Big take home message here is to trust your gut (ba-doom-boom ;)) you DO know when your body is telling you something. Empower yourself by always asking questions,pushing for answers that fit what YOU need or your values, research and learn as much as you possibly can. We truly are responsible for our own health.

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