Rice is nice but the shell will help give ’em hell

Battle of the Endosperm

Maybe you are not into the weird idiosyncrasies of all things food and training as the #fitfam are (ya I DID just use that hashtag :P) , but there has been a back and forth on rice for quite a while. If you think arguing about rice is ridiculous, check these out first:


Truth be told, overall and in the long run, the white processed rice is ok sure but why wouldn’t you want to go for the little extra oompf with the unprocessed? Aren’t you worth it 😉

Around your training sessions, if they are challenging, not before a zen session or a light jaunt in the prairie, opting for the faster cooking (white) rice is nice is cool. The rest of the time, shoot for the unprocessed rice that has the ‘shell’, endosperm, whatever you care to call it, and always be cognizant of portion distortion with either.

A recent study showed that the rice bran metabolome, in fact, does give you a better bang for your buck. Great things do in fact come in small packages and as with most cool aspects of science and us, the smallest aspects are what may make some of the biggest effects. Do be sure that you understand that this means real whole grain rice and not a pseudo whole grain.

On a macro level, and I mean that in more ways than one,

processed rice bran is approximately 130 kcals per 100g with 28g of carbs, like zero fiber, while whole rice is about 111 kcals with 23g of carbs and about 2g of fiber. It may not seem like much of a difference but that is where the study delves deeper and you must too for next level health goals.


(read the long articles if you want or just do what I tell you too lol)


The Deets

The rice bran that is a part of the whole grain version has 453 phytochemicals, cofactors in metabolic processes, amino acids, vitamins and other health promoting bioactive compounds over the stripped white rice. There are many varieties of un-stripped rice and they offer up some nice subtle nutty-like flavours too. Go for the good grain that is proven to have some benefit beyond just being a solid energy source.  White rice 1: whole grain 4.

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