Rehabilitation or Reconditioning

The Choice is Yours

The choice, for the most part, is yours which stage you want to be at in terms of wellness, rehabilitation or reconditioning – hello mindset! There are two particular demographics this piece is created for which may seem somewhat dichotomous. The first is the athlete, any level and sport/art where you really put in work like a daily grind, and the latter being those simply in their later years.

Time to Check in to Rehab?

Rehabilitation is essentially a process of restoring someone to a previous level of functional living. For the athlete population. this requires more patience than anything. Rehab is familiar to most and is more often sought out than preventative measures or reconditioning. This fact is quite unfortunate as rehabilitation most frequently wouldn’t even be needed if prevention or even reconditioning were implemented but I digress.


We all have choices to make in life.


Taking the minimal spare time available from work and other obligations to get settled in with being ‘uncomfortable’ doesn’t seem to be on the top of most people’s minds. The definitive outcome that will come from that choice to be reactive instead of proactive will ultimately kick your ass hard, I promise you. Last I checked, an ass kicking is much worse than being uncomfortable. Just a thought 😉


Make that be enough of a comparative driver to be proactive versus reactive.


Reconditioning the deconditioned.

Reconditioning can be considered the next-level within a rehab or training protocol. This stage or approach is best utilized after a suggested clinical healing process of tissue has taken place (rehab) i.e. the athlete with a torn ligament who must wait for a certain level of healing to have happened, or in relation to the person in their later years who have simply ‘endured life’. Reconditioning for the athlete is the stage where one is beginning to push their limits to get back to their highest level of performance.


For the person in their later years, this is when one has been enduring life and all of its ups and downs, bumps and bruises, jobs and activities of daily living and ignored their fitness for too long. The latter is the population who may not have a specific sports performance level in mind. This is those who require some time to recondition their bodies and minds back to a level of appropriate pain-free, health and fitness status. This is most people and this process can often be much longer and more of a mental challenge than anything. Again, why prevention is key.


What can I do?

The simple answer to this question is that it depends.  Reaching out to get guidance in getting started or to move forward with a wellness and lifestyle program for your level and goals is awesome for making change. In terms of rehabilitation, sometimes things just happen no matter how fit or prepared you are.

With relation to wellness, rehab and reconditioning, after checking with your healthcare provider, learning sound practices on how to move your body, strengthen your body and mind, learning how to gauge progress or if you need to regress, finding what fits your lifestyle, needs and goals is where it’s at.  In terms of reconditioning, the simple answer is this: start fitting in fitness now and never give up! The choice is yours where you want to go, who you want to be now and down the road.

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