Reflections of and for the Day for Every Day


I am not sure from where I received this little gifty gift but I wanted to share it with you as I feel that it is something that can help each and every one of us to be more conscious and to help us grow as positive people as a whole. Check this every day when you start the day and use it as a reflection of how you lived your day too.


Pause to think…when you feel the urge to criticize. Most people are doing the best they know how in the moment. Turn your feelings into a positive statement, and bring a smile to those around you.

(My note to this, this absolutely spreads to that persons life and to the people that person will interact with that day and so on.)

Pause to think…when you feel a tinge of guilt about your feelings. If you could feel differently, you would do so. Your feelings are real, and they matter.

Pause to think…when you feel anxious. Go to a peaceful place in your mind. Imagine yourself in joyous harmony with all of nature. See the images, feel the breezes, and hear the sounds you create. Breath and express gratitude for all of life.

(My note on this…some times just lifting some heavy weights or kicking, punching or wrastling¬† with some one helps just as much)

Pause to think…when you feel anger rise up within you. Remind yourself that you cannot afford an attitude that would steal your precious life energy. Breath, release the negative feeling, and reclaim the positive energy that is your true spirit.

(My side note to this…see above lol AND really is it worth it to give away YOUR power to that person or that circumstance that angered you? I think not!)

Pause to think…when the unjust actions of others enter your mind. Notice that they are feelings, and that you can choose to release them. Choose not to be a victim, but set an example by living a life of joy and abundance.

(My note to this…seriously it is a much sweeter and more gratifying revenge to just tell “them” to suck it and to make yourself and your life as ridiculously awesome as you can.Ooooh they will hate it lol and it is a fact that people feel more gratitude, self-worth and overall happiness when they serve others so use that unjust as motivation to you to try even more to make things right for those you can however you can.)

Pause to think…when you experience failure. It is a learning tool and a blessing that brings wisdom. Choose to keep moving forward with gratitude. Apply your new knowledge to the creation of value.

(My note to this…woah this is far too true and that is all I will say about that one lol. Ok and I will say that it is essential to not allow these “failures” aka experiences-that-create-wisdom-for-future-coolness to either paralyze you or to stop you from living life!)

Pause to think…when you are successful. You have experienced the creative miracle of your own thoughts. It is desire, faith, and gratitude that have brought you positive accomplishments. Know that you can succeed (my note: and WILL succeed if you follow my note above!) along future pathways.

Pretty cool stuff right but just be sure that you don’t “pause to think” for too long and become stagnant in a state of thoughts ;D

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