>Red Chili Peppers Burn Fat and Curb Cravings

>Anyone looking to lean out is always looking for a way to tip the scale in favor of a negative energy balance.

Red Chili Peppers Burn Fat and Curb CravingsTypically, you would think that taking foods out of your diet is the only way to do this, but what if I told you that actually adding food, would help teeter you over to the fat loss side of the equation? You lie! Na-ah, never! This fat loss food is the red chili pepper, namely capsaicin.

Capsaicin is what gives chili peppers the fiery heat you feel when you eat one and that makes your belly burn and makes you break out in a sweat. This compound has been shown in several studies to reduce hunger and increase energy expenditure through thermogenisis.

“We found that consuming red pepper can help manage appetite and burn more calories after a meal, especially for individuals who do not consume the spice regularly,” said Richard Mattes, professor of foods and nutrition who collaborated with doctoral student Mary-Jon Ludy of Purdue University.

The study was done on 25 healthy weight individuals – one group consumed the hot peppers, the other did not. The results showed those who ate the peppers did increase core body temperature and burn more calories through natural energy expenditure.

While adding some spice to your meals may not be a magic bullet, it may help you burn 100 – 200 extra calories per day according to David Heber, MD, PhD, founding director of the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition. The hot peppers are also great for stimulating digestion, act as a decongestant, lower cholesterol and increase circulation, all of which help your system run smoother and properly utilize nutrients versus storing them.

Capsaicin has an appetite-reducing effect as well, as it also seems to block the sensory information from the intestine to the brain, meaning it blocks hunger signals from reaching your brain. This means you won’t even know that annoying feeling of hunger and thus, will automatically eat less.

While it may seem that easy to just add hot peppers to your daily meals to reap the benefits, it is not quite so simple. The amounts tested were surely not realistic for most people. Who wants or can even handle over 2.5 grams of this fiery pepper at every meal and an overconsumption can actually aggravate the stomach.

An easier and more sane way to reap the benefits of capsaicin’s calorie-burning effect is to consume a high volume extract without the potential negative effects like heartburn and stomach upset from eating too many peppers. Taking this spicy booster in supplemental form is a surefire way to get the proven benefits of capsaicin for the optimal thermogenic effect without the stomach upset.
Red Chili Peppers Burn Fat and Curb Cravings

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