Random Fit Tip

Less circulating sugar in the blood stream is not only great for your health but for your body composition as well even if you are currently healthy, fit individual just looking to take it to the next level. We also know that  when glycogen levels are low, more body fat is likely to be used. So what do we do to optimise this from a simple lifestyle standpoint (I am not speaking of training and diet but those are paramount!!!)? Okay so here is your tip: increase insulin sensitivity in the muscle and increase glycogen depletion throughout the day with random bouts of five to ten minute full body sessions…no equipment required. You will do the following exercises to muscle fatigue not failure (like when you feel that burning sensation…take is a bit further than that, challenge yourself). Some exercises to do: Lunges, forward, reverse, lateral, 360, squats, inchworms, pushups, V-pushups, handstand pushups, glute bridges,calf raises. Tap in to the power of isometrics with this and/or keep a fairly slow tempo throughout we are not trying to work our joints here (when you rapidly spit fire through exercises I can  guarantee you are stressing your joints more than your muscles :p) Standing in line? Do some arm curls with those jugs of water…whatever! It all adds up and the more you do this throughout the day, every day, the greater your result. This is of course in addition to a clean diet and some good training 😉 Have a good Saturday ya’all!


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