Ramblings while driving… 2

>Be on your own path and follow your own written map
Life is a trip, it’s a journey don’t ever forget that
We each have our gifts to share, each our own beauty
Don’t listen when they shoot you down with a view of negative scrutiny
Be your own you and do it on your own terms
In the end that’s the lesson that everyone eventually learns
Dream big, dream small just make sure you dream
Do right with those who through good or bad, still played on your team
If your heart isn’t in it, it just isn’t worth doing
Life’s about choices, take chances but be wise in your choosing
Sometimes you gotta be the first to take that opportunistic chance
Putting you all out there for others to get their own confidence
If it’s not you taking those risks, it will be someone else
Jump on it if you want it, don’t put your dreams on the shelf
Many may try to trample you, diss you and show you hate
But leave that up to them, it’s just a way they compensate
Always listen to the advice and things that people say
But in the end it’s your decision if you choose your own way
Respect is earned not given, a life virtue, a matter of fact
Remind them not to cross a line and stab you in the back
Just do your thing they can make their own inference
At the end of the day it’s your view of yourself that really makes a difference
Wait for no one in hopes to make it happen
Take action now before you let your light dampen
Do it and never compromise your values, beliefs, integrity
It’s not up to them, it’s in your hands to make your destiny

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