>Quick Fat Loss Tips

Here are 10 quick fat loss tips that will help you not only lower body fat levels, but will help to maintain (or even increase) muscle mass all while keeping your energy up.

  1. Drink a minimum of 4L of water throughout the day
  2. Have protein at every meal
  3. Take your daily calories and divide them by 5 and make each meal approximately that number of kcals at each feeding, fluctuate kcals and carbs according to training and non-training days
  4. Stick to ONLY low glycemic carbs (expect peri-workout)
  5. Don’t drink your calories and eat only nutrient dense FOOD not products.Often times with food and eating, simply focusing on quality vs quantity will make a huge difference
  6. Eat like a king for breakfast, a prince for midday and a pauper in the evening
  7. When lowering calories, don’t drop too fast too quickly or you will risk lowering your leptin and thyroid levels. Start with 250-500 to keep that in check.
  8. HIT THE WEIGHTS…HARD! Male or Female (within reason of course…don’t get carried away LOL)
  9. Eat carbs (high fiber fruits,veggies and grains if you choose to eat grains) and lean proteins during the day, protein and fats with greens in the evening
  10. Do some metabolic training (HIIT, or circuits) a couple of times per week vs long boring cardio sessions

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