QM Drills


I have always had difficulty with high roundhouse kicks but never has my hip mobility and flexibility or I should say lack thereof, been as much of a problem as it has been lately which is not only evident in my lack of ability to fully roll over in even my low kicks all the time, but it is even affecting my gait and overall posture :(. It is really my own fault as I haven’t been as diligent as I should be with the length of my stretch sessions. It is not only affect my kicks but let’s just say…jiu jitsu has been more painful not due to what you would expect but due to my hip flexor tightness and hip tension. I have been trying to do more active release and more longer stretching intervals but in all honesty, I get so damn bored doing it. This is one of the reasons why I focus more on QM (quadrupedal movement) drills. These types of drills can be incorporated in your workouts for some great circuits and are amazing for….HIP FLEXIBILITY. They get your heart rate up, help “tone up” (;p there is really no such a thing as toning, you either build them or you don’t but this word serves the purpose here) your muscles and keep you agile and flexible. Sure you look pretty ridiculous but who cares! Some of the drills will consist of rounds of Crab Walks, wheel barrows, alligator walks, ground kongs and so on. These exercises are not only great for hip flexibility but are also great for overall joint elasticity and strengthening from hands to feet. I still incorporate my regular dynamic and static stretching but when it is one of those days that I KNOW I will be bored to tears, I will incorporate the QM’s for fat burning, conditioning (they help immensely with mma related training) and flexibility.

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