Put a Halt on Holiday Health Havoc

How do you handle the stress of the holidays?

It makes me cringe to think of the commercialisation of the holiday season, but I digress. Not everyone feels the same way and many allow the stress of getting the perfect gift to overtake their lives.

Whatever happened to Good Will and Peace on Earth?

These days, when we think of Christmas, this scenario comes to mind:

People rushing, racing and pushing past each other to find the best deals or to grab the last Tickle-Me-Elmo, jacking up their credit cards and putting all things formerly important on hiatus for some social commercial depiction of how we should enjoy Christmas, all of which creates an array of catastrophic health events caused by excessive stress like missing workouts and binge-eating on high-fat, sugary foods.

Statistically, this time of year is the highest for acts of violence against others and ourselves.

If giving or getting the perfect gift this holiday season is really that important, then I have THE perfect gift for you and those you love: Health and Prevention of Disease.

If you are completely devoted to the way you spend the holidays, I will at least give you some ways to help yourself and those you love manage the stress of it all and control the potential weight gain.

Of course, the best thing that you can do is to maintain your fitness and healthy eating.
10 Tips to Handle the Stress of the Holidays

1. If you are feeling your blood boil as you are rushing through the mall and people are bumping into you – step away! Even if it’s just for a minute to the public restroom to close your eyes and do some controlled breathing. Unless you have been taking a self-defense class, this option is much better than the possible outcome of your blowing up on some random person in the mall!
2. Keep your fitness in check by simply shortening your workout times and increasing the intensity. Do 2-3 full body workouts with compound movements like squats, deadlifts, rows and push-ups that will hit all of your major muscles to help fend off holiday weight gain and release some feel-good hormones.
3. Fill up on a variety of healthy, low-salt soups, tons of veggies and some protein to help you feel so full that you won’t even be able to stress eat your way through the plates and plates of gingerbread men and peanut butter balls. Plus the crunching of the fresh veggies helps to relieve stress!
4. Hit up your local library and rent some do-it-yourself tai chi or yoga videos to help you stay healthy, while reducing the catastrophic effects of excessive stress.
5. Take several short walks throughout the day or even one long one. Walking is great for helping to re-focus and to clear your mind, as well as being a great way to maintain a level of health.
6. Up your intake of vitamin C, take some ginseng, licorice root and ashwaganda. These all will help your body better deal with stress and the gut-promoting cortisol hormone, while promoting a natural sustained level of energy. This is a healthier option over the typically reached-for high-carb foods and energy drinks.
7. Pass the buck. If you are feeling beyond overwhelmed with the shopping, party planning, cooking/baking and travelling, enlist some help or simply say NO! You are of no use to anyone nor will you be much fun to be around if you are completely burnt out. So, if needed, delegate!
8. Avoid drinking your calories at holiday parties. Stick to water to help you stay satiated and energetic. Drinking a glass of water before you sit down to eat or before the treat trays are passed around will help you feel full and keep extra pounds at bay.
9. Work off your stress with a WaveMaster! Spend some time kicking or punching this fitness device each day and feel the stress melt away and your fitness levels surge.
10. Rather than wasting countless hours at the mall and feeding into the over-commercialisation of Christmas, re-evaluate your priorities and spend more time with family and friends, creating healthy meals or snow-shoeing and skiing.

Put a halt on the holiday havoc and give yourself and your loved ones the best gift of all – Health and Prevention of Disease.


Originally posted here: www.fitlode.com

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