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Today was a “conditioning” day in my program and I felt like mixing it up with someone else’s workout that would fit my needs in MY program so I decided to do a “Cosgrove Complex”. If you don’t know what a Cosgrove complex is or who either Cosgrove is…shame on you!!! LOL but here is a breakdown of the barbell complex (btw I am not sure what was worse, the foam roller on my IT band today or the complex hahaha). If you aren’t familiar with what a complex is, I posted about it before so you can back track if you’d like :).

5 sets 6 reps 60 sec rest 65lbs

Bent over barbell row

Hang Clean

Front Squat/ Push press (like a thruster)

Jump (rear)Squat

Good Morning

Here is a very important aspect to why it was totally cool for me to do this workout…because it fits into MY program and MY goals right now and I know how,why etc that this is effective for me. I will perform different complexes be it dumbell, kb, barbell whatever a few times per week so this works. Why am I pointing this out? Because while this workout was designed BY someone else it is effective for my personal program. All too often people will simply follow someone else’s program or a generalised workout found in a magazine or online. While it is awesome to do this IF you KNOW WHY, HOW this may or IF this will help you reach your goals, it is not a personalised program to you, your needs, goals, possible limitations and so on, not to mention the proper way to perform the exercises that may be listed. This is why there are trainers, coaches and so forth. For those who cannot afford this, different training programs like those in mags, online and so one are a really great place to start but ultimately it is best to seek out assistance. There are so many ways to incorporate different training modalities that you may find around that will keep things interesting, keep your body guessing, keep you making progress towards your goals and such but while it is a great thing to keep your body on it’s toes for continual progress, all of this random shit out there today with no rhyme or reason is just not the way to go. Yes you should change things up frequently to prevent stagnation and overuse injuries etc. but if you do it TOO frequently how will you really know if you are making progress? What is your gauge if you have no real direct plan (ok so this may be an argument for linear periodization lol). An amalgamation of different training methods from different backgrounds done properly is an incredible thing that people really need to effectively learn or have someone train/coach them to do and regardless of your background, experience or whatever, reach out to others, be open minded and learn…

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