Thoughts racing, they never stop, random and arbitrary.

One moment of violence, one of soft pettle kisses.

Blacken it out, shut it out!

A whirlwind of swiftness, followed by immediate stalling.

Pulling in one direction, than the other abrasively.

Slam it down, pump the brakes!

A sense of paranoia, delusions, or too intuitive.

Trust doesn’t live here, love never survives.

Stand alone, build the wall.

Past creeps in like a billowy shadow, impending.

Drown it  out with the now, clench future light.

Fight it, never succumb!

Waging war, writhing between good and evil.

Predetermined circumstances, never a life sentence.

Closed eyes, opened mind.

Choice of simplicity, or facing the unveiled beast.

Cataclysm of despair revoked by truth.

Stand and deliver.

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