Pills for dinner?


After speaking with a beautiful, hardworking lady of awesomeness today, I was prompted to do this post as this covers some of the most common things I come across and am most often asked about. Now let me first start off by saying that I am in no way anti-supplements because I am definitely not, BUT do you really need them to reach your goal at THIS POINT IN TIME. I make that statement “at this point in time” for a couple of reasons:

1. Are you eating “properly” first and foremost

2. Have you had blood work done to tell you what you might be deficient in, where your hormones might need assistance.if you have a medical condition etc. and if so, please see a GOOD RD or naturopath (I am not there YET but yes that is one of my many goals πŸ˜‰ )

There are a few supplements that I suggest in general for health and well-being like vitamin D, fish oils (yes you can just eat fish but to really reap the benefits of the amount of fish oil you benefit more from supplementing as fish can be high in certain toxic metals if eaten in mass amounts) and a good multi but I am often asked about many others in hopes of greater fat loss, increase in lean mass, test boosters and even for just general health. I have decided to give you a rundown of some of the top supplements that I am asked about especially by women, and am going to give you the food that will provide you with a better means of delivering the same nutrient but in a way that is less likely to throw your body out of whack than simply taking a “nutrient” in supplement form. Our bodies are amazing and they know what they need as well as recognize and utilize nutrients better from whole foods than simply an extracted part of the whole equation. Taking supplements without really know what is going on in your body can throw your system further out of whack, create other imbalances that might not have been there before and can speed up you metabolism or oxidation of cells creating some serious cellular damage, so eat food first! Here are a few other reason why eating nutritious food first is better than just trying to supplement your way through your health, fat loss or performance goals:

1. You will save money and it is easier – good quality supplements can be expensive and the timing and planning of of taking them can really make you bonkers. Most herbs, certain aminos for certain reasons should be taken on an empty stomach, while vitamins/minerals are better taken with food, while certain enzymes for certain reasons should be taken on an empty stomach while others with food and on and on it goes. Seriously, that is too much for most people. Keep it basic πŸ˜‰

2. Our bodies are amazing and know what they need and how to use it when it comes to foods. Supplements for the most part act and are like a foreign substance and this can be damaging. Also, everything has to be filtered through your liver and this can really take a toll on it especially if your body is already not getting what it needs for proper detoxification, digestion, delivery and utilization of nutrients (this is most likely the case you are wanting to take supplements, because “something” is not working right or you feel less than optimal). Give your body what it needs from proper exercise, recovery and nutrient dense foods, and it will thank you appropriately πŸ˜‰

Okay so here are some of the common supplements I am asked about and their food sources and these are for basic or general persons or people just “not there yet” as well as not athletes as they have very different needs:

1. Probiotics – Kefir, goats milk, goat cheese, saurkraut and any other fermented foods as these help our bodies even make our own healthy gut bacteria

2. BCAA’s and Glutamine – ANY potein rich food source will give you a sufficient level of these as they are simply amino acids, the building blocks of protein πŸ™‚ Chicken , beef, eggs, hemp seed, tempeh, fish

3. Fat burners – no, just no but here are some “food” sources that will naturally help with the release, mobilization and utilization of fat for energy release: green tea, coffee, jalepenos, fish (oil) btw another reason that eating red meat from time to time is good for not only the above but for the “fat burning” is because it is a good source of carnitine which is a facilitator of fatty acid oxidation or in simple terms, helps with “fat burning. It will also give you some creatine and protein to help with muscle building for “fat burning” πŸ˜‰ sidenote: you MUST exercise to put on muscle and to help that released and mobilizing “fat” go somewhere period! Yes sitting on your ass breathing will technically use fat for energy but without muscle and expenditure, good luck with that and any real progressΒ  :p

So that is just a couple of the supplements but I just want to give you some options that will help you save some serious cash as well as saving you some of the headache of timing and stressing when you probably don’t need to. I do have my reasons for recommending the few supplements mentioned in the beginning of the post but for the most part your body will simply do what it needs to if you are FEEDING it with the vitamins/minerals/enzymes it needs. You will likely create less of a negative effect than simply randomly introducing things into your body when, if you are carrying too much body fat, are taking antacids, pain relievers ets, your body is not even BASICALLY at an optimal level yet. Be well!

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