Phoenix Rising 1

Thank you for inspiring me in all the ways I never want to be

Lost all patience, no more wasted breath on your complacency

Misguided revolt, a battle within and against one of your own team

No more rotten apples will taint and spoil or get in the way of the dream

Conformity and weakness became me in a time of need

But you reminded me of what I will never settle for and the life I will exceed

Forgetting who I was, my spirit, my purpose, my mission

A temporary lapse, a trip in my step, a time of attrition

We all need an enemy to wake our warrior and to keep us pushing on

Played that part too long now my time has come to right the injustices and the wrong

This battle might hurt but I will call you out, no more holding back for you

The day has come, to spread my wings, let the phoenix soar in skies so blue

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