>This is not a new subject of conversation but it is becoming more popular . Orthorexia is an obsession with only eating the purest, healthiest foods or “eating right”. I find it actually kind of funny that the DSM-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual used by mental health practioners to diagnose mental health problems) is even considering it as an eating disorder. Just as with anything, there are some people who take ridiculous extremes with things but is strictly eating healthy food really a bad thing?
Some who advocate orthorexia as a disordered state claim that it isn’t a healthy thing to not “indulge” every now and again but that to me is a ridiculous argument. Would you indulge every once in a while in something you knew was some kind of neurotoxin just because it is a “normal” thing, or would you make the choice to take all avenues you can to ensure healthy longevity and quality of life? The aforementioned argument also misses a huge point being that it is not that you can’t indulge in goodies like baking, alcohol or whatever your vice, but make HEALTHIER versions or choices of those. This also applies to the fact that being considered in the category of orthorexia is those who refuse to eat dairy or gluten even if they are not celiac. Again, this truly is about the quality and sources of these two foods (groups) as well as whether a or not a person produces the necessary enzymes to properly breakdown and assimilate certain foods/ nutrients. This is also something that can be better assured IF the foods are in their natural and organic state.Is it really such a bad thing to only choose to get fresh, organic foods that are still full of their enzymes and nutrients instead of full of pesticides, hormones and toxins? Is this a topic of conversation because it doesn’t feed someone’s bottom line? It must be because if health was the issue at hand, there really would be no dispute.

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