Online Training Programs & Nutrition Coaching

Online Training Programs & Nutrition Coaching are for those that can’t commit a full hour to personal training but want the advice that trainers can offer. Tailored training programs sent to your electronic device where ever you are. Got a question about a specific exercise? No problem! Shoot a Melissa a quick message and she’ll answer it. Unsure how to perform a specific exercise? No problem! Access her online archive of video tutorials (coming soon!) so you know exactly how to maximize your workout while reducing and preventing injury. This service is the most convenient service for tracking your progress accurately and effectively. You no longer have to be at the gym to get feedback on your progress. With weekly remote check-ins, you can be sure that you stay on course and never miss a beat with your training. Even when you are on vacation!


This service includes:

  • Everything is done electronically
  • Training programs sent directly to your electronic device
  • Custom nutrition plans you can receive and take with you anywhere
  • Online training tutorials accessible remotely
  • Weekly check-ins to ensure optimal fitness goal performance

Contact Melissa for a free consultation.