>Nytro 2010

>(I was going to put up the Nytro cover but since I can only choose one pic to post…F#$K that this is my blog so here is my very first editor’s letter as the new editor-in-chief! LOL)

Well now it is official with the new issue coming out this Saturday…I am the new editor-in-chief of Nytro Fitness Magazine! Yeah!!! I am pretty damn lucky for this and for the awesome opportunities that keep coming my way but most of all….I am so unbelievably greatful!!!!!! I wish there was a way to show those who have supported me and helped me and continue to do so but I suppose that until they tell me how I can repay them or show my gratitude, the best I can do is keep working to do better, learn more and be honest, ethical and to have integrity in all I do. I love to write and edit and be able to be creative and this gives me more freedom to do so. I am one lucky girl xoxo

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