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What’s Included:

There is an initial assessment consisting of general health, medical and lifestyle questions, as well as a collection of a saliva sample. You may choose to do this, as well as the coaching, in person or remotely via email and other communications. Using a saliva sample, the Nutrigenomix Test is analyzed by a team of scientists and registered dietitians.  The information will be sent to me, a certified nutritionist, where I can then help translate your personalized testing to you. This is a teamwork process, as are most things for long-term results and permanent change.  You may be given personalized meal plans and tips/tools to help make gentle modifications to help you fit the changes into your life for general health and prevention to reduce your risk of certain health conditions, diseases, and goals. Everything is held with great regard in terms of confidentiality.

You will receive a Personalized Nutrition Report: comprehensive e-booklet available of your unique genetic profile analysis, sent directly to my location for review in designing your meal plans and making suggestions for you. The process for the results and the meal plan with tips may take between 2-6 weeks for complete delivery. Receipt will be sent electronically for your purchase or can be included with your print personalized nutrition report.

Areas of Focus:

  • Eating healthy when dining out
  • Weight management/Body Composition
  • What to eat around your exercise sessions for optimal results
  • How to eat healthy on a budget



I am not a Registered Dietician or Scientist. I will not attempt to treat, diagnose or cure any conditions you may have and will not be held liable for those who take things otherwise. I will refer you accordingly if your needs are beyond my scope. The intents and purposes of all information are for reference, preventative and general purposes and cannot be considered or substituted for medical advice and/or care. Please consult the appropriate health care member if you have special medical needs.