>I am incorporating this into my new current training about twice per week doing 4-5 rounds with 60secs work and 90 secs rest (which is about 8 reps per exercise). This should take me about 10 (4 rounds) to 12 (5 rounds) minutes not including my dynamic warmup (jumping jacks, 360 degree lunges, burpees, high knees, heel kicks, arm swings etc) and one of my goals is to get my flexibility back so I will be sure to stretch at the end of my workouts too.

• Reg. Deadlift
• Stiff-leg Deadlift
• Bent-over Row
• Hang Clean
• Front Squat
• Push Press
• Back Squat
• Good Mornings

I am looking to build up my upper body again and lean out my lower and will also post my workout later.

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