Need to eat?

Ghrelin, leptin, insulin…most people, at least the people who actually are most affected by the meaning of these words, would probably think I am probably speaking of an 80’s movie of little fuzzy critters attacking New York city. Well really these people might behave like those little guys if they don’t eat NOW and properly but these three simple words are simply hormones. I am not going to break each one down into how specifically they work because for most people they just don’t care or need to really know and there are a million different articles, journal entries and other info out there on them (plus I just don’t have the time right now:p)  here are some if you’re interested

What I do want to help you with is helping you figure out you. Maybe you have been “eating well” or at least what you might feel is so, but maybe you are just not losing any fat, maybe you are experiencing less than stellar brain function or too much fogginess/lack of concentration, or excessive hunger pangs. You feel off but you want to make sure that you stick to your plan but than again feeling like crapola or having to hear growling sounds louder than a sloth of bears (yeah I totally googled what a pack of bears is really called lol) is not copesetic so what do you do?!? Well instead of adding this tip to my monthly music post I figured I would put it here to help you out now as many of you are hopping on the dreaded new years resolution bandwagon (seriously the failure rate of a new years resolution is high so don’t wait or use that as an excuse to put off doing it today!) Here is my little tip for you:

First are you just hungry or do you actually NEED to eat? You need to eat if you don’t have any of that empty stomach or flat muscle feeling or growling feeling but you feel “off” or your head and focus is foggy. This is not a really bad thing as most likely your body is not as hormonally out of whack as many people are you are most likely just experiencing some symptoms of mild hypoglycemia and just need to eat (if you experience this and other symptoms like confusion, cold sweats, dizziness…contact your doctor asap!). Start out with some protein and fat food like some walnuts, fatty fish, small piece of steak or an egg or two, with a SMALL portion of low GI carb like some cantaloupe maybe and if that feeling still doesn’t go away, try adding a small serving of yam or (mmm Lundberg) rice. If you start to feel alive again, stop adding.  If you feel excessively hungry, empty, tired and growly, you need to re-evalute the “healthy eating” you have been doing for a plan that will wreak less havoc on your hormones. Feeling like this all the time is a symptom of your body not being able to handle the hormones above. This is a REALLY basic and simplistic blanket statement but it will do for what you need to pay attention to and to see if your “diet” is more like a die-t :p  For the most part and for most people, things do not need to be overly complicated but hell ya it is much more complicated than this post when you hit a certain level. Next time you eat, pay attention to how you feel 😉 I’m outie like a bellybutton!

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