My Protein Shake Brings All The Boys To The Yard

In case you haven’t gotten the gist of the title, it is a play on this:

…and in case you haven’t figured it out yet, protein rocks for a rocking figure. If you are a foxy lady trying to bring more sass while tightening up your ass, get some more protein in your diet…seriously. BUTT (lol see what I did there) you must also put in the work by lifting some weights or you can forget about really changing your body composition and shape.

How can protein help you feel better AND give you more game ladies? Well let me give you a quick 411 on some of this macronutrients macro superpowers (FYI macro means large, big, major).

  • Protein will help to rebuild and maintain the sculpted muscle you have been working on for shapeliness.
  • Protein will help you to have more balanced energy for the things you love to do, or have to do.
  • Protein can provide you with amino acids that help with mental health and focus.
  • Protein will help to keep you satiated which means less hunger pangs and less of a chance of overdosing on your calories.
  • Protein will help to give you strong and lustrous hair, skin and nails.

So what are some solid sources of protein you ask? There is a difference between animal sources and vegetarian sources where animal sources are always complete, only some vegetarian sources are.

  • Chicken, turkey, fish, ostrich, beef, eggs
  • Complete : Soy, tempeh Incomplete but complimentary: beans, nuts, seeds, legumes (complete means that the source provides all of the amino acids that make up a full protein. The incomplete yet complimentary mean that individually the source does not provide all of the amino acids to make a full protein but if you consume them together, you can get the complete range of aminos.)
  • Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, low fat cheeses (Allegro makes the lowest fat highest protein source I have found)
  • Powders like whey, casein, vegetarian versions with things like pea and hemp combos

How much protein should you get in a day?

This is very individual but an idea would be between 1-2g/kg depending on how much you train and the types of activities, how YOU respond to a higher protein diet, as well as what your goal is at the time.

If you want have more energy, look better (yes we ALL do so enough already), and even perform better at school, work, sport, sex…up the ante by upping your protein.


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