>My intentions, my motives

>It may surprise a vast majority of the world to know that yes, people do exist out there who are not driven by monetary reasons but by a true desire to help others, experience new things, LEARN and most of all, just plain passion. It is an unfortunate thing that money talks and that even if you have amazing and honest gifts to offer, you fall upon deaf ears when you don’t have it. I don’t believe that having or not having money is the end all of your success in life though, at all, it just seems to take longer and a more creative harder work ethic. This is why I do a lot of the things I do, because I have a strong passion or respect and want to be a part of that or see someone or something that I feel deserves successes and believe in. Some people choose to use that for their own exploits while a few choose to sincerely help teach me how to move forward. I am learning things as I go on my journey and teaching myself which also means making a lot of mistakes along the way but I am ok with that. I am really a total “hippy” at heart where I want to make the world a better place and just wish that the world would work more as a team instead of everyone battling eachother and that we need to get back to basics and embrace the simple gifts we have all been given but taken advantage of. Everyone has something to offer and everyone and every experience offers something to be learned from. I don’t know why but it really feels like my “mission” to help bring to light and abolish stigmas and stereotypes and judgements that people may have had and still do about things they don’t understand. That beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and looks and true beauty comes from the soul. This ranges from the misunderstanding of those inked up and pierced or the weirdo’s and freaks of the world (fyi there are far more of these people and underdogs out there than society portrays), the stigma of how mma is nothing more than a brutish sport, that woman are supposed to be weak and mindless, that money and not love within and without is what makes you happy, that the mind-body connection is the most important thing to ANY success in life and so on. If I could spend the rest of my life just travelling doing seminars, workshops, and learning to be a better me so I can help others to be better versions of themselves, I would do it (ok will do it) and know that the money will follow. I truly believe that just being a real and honest and true person is what will win in the end and I don’t believe in selling or being sold to. When you do good things or things that make others feel good or smile, people will want to be a part of that and that is an awesome feeling that no money could ever top.
If you want to help me with anything, teach me something, teach me how and why, don’t just tell. The gift of education is priceless and the wealth that comes with it is of inestimable worth. I find that people question my intentions when all I want to do is help somehow, freely with hopes of just learning something. I get why, but it may surprise you what I tell you if you only ask. I am very upfront and want others to be with me as well. An act of ommission often does more harm than an act of commission. If there is something you heard or question about me, just ask and I will tell you. You may not like what you hear or it may make you uncomfortable but I will honestly tell you. I am an open book for those who choose to read my stories. Some say I am vague or mysterious but really, it is just that nothing is black and white with me and there is always an explanation with things so pull up a chair if you want an answer about me. You will see me as whomever, however or whatever you choose to see me as. Whether that is based on your past experiences, things you have learned in life, stigmas or your own projection of yourself and no matter what, I can not be the one to change that. I find I am often misunderstood or something is mis-taken but that is your choice to feel and perceive those negative things but I assure you, my heart is pure and full of good intent, love, honesty and integrity. (hmmm maybe I will write a book someday…)

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