>My first Ontario Physique Association competition!


This past Saturday was my first time competing with the OPA and in bikini. It was a goal of mine to compete in my hometown for some time and this weekend I hit that goal. Quite honestly it almost didn’t even happen as there were so many roadblocks …didn’t have a suit but Karen at KHP came through out of nowhere and saved me there, my membership fee was returned last minute due to a change of address, my registration and fee didn’t get there, I ended up having to work the same day I had to drive 12 hours, my shoes were the wrong ones, I ran out of tan and on and on LOL. I was on this little adventure solo but I had my teammates and awesome supporters messaging me and posting their well wishes so that made it so much better. Kieran and his crew put on a great show and it was awesome to see some old friends and some familiar and freaking amazing people!!! I had a great help with Angela DeFrancesco (she is gorgeous with a wicked physique and will be doing Nationals,I think that is what it is anyways, she will rock it) who was so patient and understanding and just plain awesome oh and she has some mad skills with this crazy three prong hair thing LOL.

I will admit that my performance for the day show was less than “melisscious” but omg for all the stresses and no sleep, and prepping solo… not bad I guess LOL…ehn there is always SOME kind of spectacle when I am around and I just count this as one of those LOL. I will be better next time but while the goal was to at least get top five to qualify for Provincials, I placed a surprising third. I will be doing the Ontario’s June 19th in London now and Team Emerge will be there with several of us competing TOGETHER (not against eachother but with eachother, THAT is what it is about 😉

Doing bikini was very different for me, even from fitness model as the posing is pretty different but NOW I actually get it and it is hard to be completely “soft” in poses like even my hand on my hip as I have too much muscle ;P. It is tough because I have more muscle than a typical bikini girl but I am not genetically a figure girl with my upper body. I can work on that of course but I prefer being able to do the training I enjoy so it doesn’t become a chore to me. I know a lot of people can do both but with my upper body always trailing my legs, it is more manageable as a lifestyle for me to do fitness model and bikini. I also LOVE to be more entertaining on stage which this allows. Who knows where the heck I fall in this industry but really, I don’t care as long as they keep letting me do it LOL.

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