#MPOWERment Workout Playlist 57

I most certainly am a bit late on this month’s fat loss or muscle building, fitness playlist but with all of the things transpiring, changing and evolving, such as it is. I sit here at the airport enjoying music and company as I get ready to take my flight back to Toronto from the 15th annual ISSN Conference 

As usual, the content was informational yet entertaining, which always makes learning (more) fun, as it should be. The overall experience disseminated a multitude of cation-like awesomeness both within and without the actual conference aspect as we all gathered to catch the fights post sessions at the hotspot for the locals, Toucan’s .

My visit this year had me finding a sweet little gem of a place to get some workouts in that wasn’ too far. This place was pretty legit and of all places you would never guess, it was a place called Safety Harbor Resort and Spa

Here is a quick shot of just a small part of their workout space but it was legit with old school-ish training tools and some new stuff plus heavy bags, polls and all kinds of toys to ‘play’ with. They were great and helped me get in for a last-minute late-night workout to crush my antsy-pants (thank you again!).

There is more to come on some of the conference details but for now, let me give you what you are looking for based on the title of this post, your #MPOWERment workout playlist 57:

  1. Bob Sinclair – Gym Tonic

2. Beenie Man feat Sean Paul and  Lady Saw – Bossman

3. Grits feat. Toby Mac – Oooh Ahh

4. Galantis and Hook & Sling – Love on me

5. Liam Payne and J Balvin – Familiar

6. K’NAAN and Chubb Rock – ABC’s

7. Sean Paul feat. Konshens – Want Dem All

8. Kodie feat Cili – Now is the time

9. Iggy Azalea – Mo Bounce

10. Cooldown jam: Bad Wolves – Zombie



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