#MPOWERment Workout Playlist 48

As I sit here in a pool of my own seepage of lacrimal gland fluid (a pool of my own tears…I just like to sound smart sometimes :-D), pondering the summers passing, I wonder what type of playlist theme should this be. Well, since I just said passing, let’s make this one of some of my fave tunes from the artists I have enjoyed who have passed this year:

  1. Linkin Park (Chester Bennington) – Faint

2. Soundgarden (Chris Cornell)- Pretty Noose

3. Allman Brothers (Greg Allman and Butch Trucks) – ok I REALLY wanted to put Melissa as the song as it has a very emotional tie for me but hey, this is one of their jams that is a wee bit more upbeat so you’re welcome lol : Whipping Post

4. J Geils Band (J Geils) the 80’s…lol – Centrefold

5. Nothing Face (Matt Holt) – Stories You Always Tell Change

6. April Wine (Steve Lang) – Could’ve Been a Lady

7. Mobb Deep (Prodigy) – Survival of the Fittest

8. 2 Live Crew (Fresh Kid Ice) oh duuuude I remember when this cassette tape was taken off the shelves and banned ha! – Me So Horny

9. Audioslave (Chris Cornell) (great words xox) – Be Yourself

10. (man this is such a solid emotional song omg! Wish he did hold on and hope YOU always do) Linkin Park with Kiiara РHeavy

Music is Powerful. Fitness is Life. Together they help you be unstoppable!


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