#MPOWERment Workout Playlist 36

I really wish that it was possible to play some kind of April Fool’s joke on you for this month’s #MPOWERment workout playlist. I mostly hope I could because I love hilarity, but how I would do this had me baffled. Is it too late now to say sorry (FYI I totally sang that in my best Biebs tone) 😉


Go forth to your workout playlist! 😀

  • Dope – Die MF Die
  • 2. Mike Shinoda feat Chino Moreno – Razors Out

    3.  Hole – She Walks On Me Over Me Under Me (jk that’s not what it is really called 😉 )

    4. Halestorm – Freak Like Me

    5. Lard – Forkboy

    6. Kaskade and Skrillex – Lick It

    7. Congorock – Seth

    8. TJR – Friends Rule Tour Recap (mix of ish)

    9. Toronto – Krill Infinite and Lady DJ

    10. Cooldown Jam: Maestro feat Classified – Reach For The Sky








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