#MPOWERment Workout Music #9

I apologize for being a little late on this post but I just got back in town from a WICKED awesome weekend of competing in the WBFF Eastern Championships in Boston and a crazy fun shoot on the Sunday with the AMAZING guys at LHGFX Photographyย  and OMG just plain one of THE best weekends of my life (which I really needed!!). Okay so back to it Melissa geez :p Here are your ten tunes for the month of June to heat things up indoors or outdoors with your training and don`t forget your fitness and health tip at the end ๐Ÿ˜‰ (btw this is THE best I have ever FELT doing a show and I was still training hard like I like to and was eating a LOT of calories yet got tiny and lean while still performing well) I kept up my mma training at Ho Shin Sool and killed it in the gym with Nick Tumminello`s fun and killer workouts for me and always had energy to spare ๐Ÿ˜‰

1. This first one I am starting a little different for my new twitter friends GoPeriscope so you have to go to the site http://www.goperiscope.net/#150/bandcamp

2. Nailbomb – While You Sleep I Destroy Your World

3. Soulfly – Back To Primitive

4. Flyleaf – So Sick

5. Butthole Surfers – Who Was in my Room

6. Jane`s Addiction – Ocean Size

7. Dayglo Abortions – I like Stupid Songs

8. NonPoint – Alive and Kicking

9. Nickelback – This Means War

Cooldown Jam with a message of gratitude to you ALL xox

10. Black Stone Cherry – In My Blood

Your tip for the month of June is this: Take things outside! There really is no excuse not to be active. You most certainly don`t need a gym you just need a friend and an imagination. You can build some good relative strength by doing pushups or monkey bar chins or climbing a tree! You can burn some serious butter by playing double dutch, tag, capture the flag hopscotch…WHATEVER! You will not only improve your health, build some strength and burn some cals, but more so you will get some much needed vitamin D and some of THE best medicine there is…LAUGHTER! So hit up your local school yard playground, let go of your inhibitions and BS `rules`of having to grow up and stop playing, and get out and have some healthful playtime ๐Ÿ˜€ Ha I also just put a kibosh (is that how you spell it lol) on your `but I have kids`excuse because you can and SHOULD take them out to play with you!

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