#MPOWERment Workout Music #8 – April showers bring May flowers….but don`t be a wallflower!

This one is a little early as May 1st is not yet for another two days but I need to get this out of the way now :). No big entry to this post really just want to get right to giving you some kick ass tunes and your fitness and health tip at the bottom 😉 ENJOY and MOVE IT! 😀

1. Critical Bill – My Suicide

2. Hed Pe – Suffa

3.Kottonmouth Kings – Think 4 Yourself

4. Sepultera – Convicted In Life

5. Pantera – Walk

6. Madonna – Gang Bang

7. Tech N9ne – Worldwide Choppers

8.KRS One – Underground

9. Sixx AM – Lies of the Beautiful People (LOVE THIS!!!)

Cooldown Jam

10. Eminem – Can`t Hold Me Back

Okay so I just recently finished wrapping up a project with my team where we did a preventative strength training program for health care workers and this has inspired my fitness and health tip. I think a lot of people are finally accepting that not being able to go to the gym is really not an excuse for not exercising and that is what we helped to show with our handouts and dvd. Aside from just getting outside and literally playing, skipping, hopscotch, tag, playing a fun sport, using the jungle gym, climb a tree etc. (who says you have to stop playing because you are technically not a kid…PESHAW I say!) but you can also do simple things INSIDE or in your backyard too. You can do pushups, bodyweight squats, lunges…but what you can also do to kick things up a notch is to use things around the house for resistance. Use one of your kids (I actually wrote a previous article for fitlode.com on this), use a heavy potato sack for deadlifts and overhead presses, fill and use your wheelbarrow in the yard for a great push or pull conditioning workout, fill up some laundry jugs with water or sand and use them as your dumbbells. Here is one I learned from  Harley Pasternak, take an old basketball and cut a slice down the middle. Put a durable freezer bag in it and fill it with water, sand, rocks, rice than seal the bag up. You than want to use some duct tape and seal the hole and the the entire ball for the most part to be sure nothing gets out. You have just created your own medicine ball! The point of this tip is to help you eliminate some of your excuses. If you need a basic program to help you implement this months fit tip, please search through my blog as I have posted many 🙂 Just DO something, don`t be a wallflower sitting and doing nothing. Life is meant to be a game so get out there and play it!

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