#MPOWERment Workout Music # 6 – March Madness

Oooh so exciting that the days are getting longer and longer 😀 Hopefully this is helping to dust the cobwebs off of some of you less than active individuals and if the extra bit of sunlight isn’t doing the trick, maybe this playlist will 😉

1. Thought I would start this off on a `lighter`side because it was so sunny out when I started this, but the music quickly changes 😉 I just really wanted to help raise up Sophie…she needs a damn ladder, please won`t somebody just give her a ladder lol

Deadmau5 – Sophie Needs a Ladder

2. Juliette Lewis & The Licks – Hot Kiss

3. A Day 2 Remember – 2nd Sucks

4. Rise Against – Ballad of Hollis Brown

5. Rage Against The Machine – Wake Up

6. Jane`s Addiction – Underground

7. Mudvayne – Dig

8. Stone Sour – Made of Scars

9.Ministry – Jesus Built My HotRod

10. Static X – I`m With Stupid

Here is your fit tip for the month of March: ENLIST! I don`t care who you are, everyone needs help of some kind and SHOULD get it.  Whether you are a newbie to working out and eating healthier, or if you are a seasoned veteran, it is so important to enlist help. Not only will having someone motivate you be the difference between success and failure, but this person will be the eyes and ears that YOU can`t possibly be. We all have our weaknesses and these can overshadow what we really need. Our own bias or comfort levels can set us back and getting another point of view…quite literally is awesome. This person can oversee your past and current nutrition  and eating habits or how you move when you train, your lifestyle habits and so on. Most people like to do what they know or what is easy and comfortable and having this person to push you, to be accountable to and to have around to ask questions, address concerns will help you get to where it is that you want to be. Any and everything in life that is successful comes from the help of one or sometimes many so don`t be afraid to reach out for motivation, guidance, perspective etc. as we ALL need it from beginners to Olympic athletes. Check your local nutrition stores, gyms, online forums or even just a close friend to help even just push you beyond what you may be doing. Get out of your comfort zone and start making your body, mind and spirit the way you want them to be by enlisting someone or a group of people to help make your dream a reality.

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