#MPOWERment Workout Music #5

(A little early but whateves!) Embarking on some things and with my tunes there is always a theme, a rhyme and reason for my selections, and since music always plays a part in my life, my head space and my focus so I am keeping this one upbeat with all kinds of crazy dangerous curvatures ahead to get yer freak on to!  Enjoy 😉

1. Bjork – Earth Intruders

2. Dev feat Timbaland – Don’t Hurt It

3. Breathe Carolina – I Won’t Blackout

4. Jay Z feat Pharrell – So Ambitious

5. Evanescence – Do What You Want

6. Ferry Corsten – Punk

7. Nadia Ali – Pressure

8. Laurent Wery – Salva Mea

9. Nicki Minaj and David Guetta – Turn Me On

10. Chris Brown – Turn Up The Music

Since it is February, le mois de nos coeurs (heart month!) this fit tip is going to be related to some heart healthiness. Whatever type of cardio you like to do to keep your ticker healthy it is important to know if you are training hard enough to reap the benefits.I have been training with my Polar Heart Rate Monitor for over 10 years in everything from intervals, recovery cardio, lifting, martial arts, circuits whatever and I swear by it and the benefits of training with one. You don’t need a fancy one just a basic one will do and I don’t care if the ones with the strap are uncomfortable, suck it up buttercup, they are more accurate and easier to use than ones that are just the watch or clip. If you are just starting out, you will want to start at the lower end (65-75%) of your training range for a couple of weeks than you can start working in the high ends (85-95%). Right from the get go in all honesty, I don’t see any reason why one could not immediately start out with interval training (and research supports this) consisting of the lower end and higher end and your health and performance results will come faster but some people just need to get moving and aren’t ready to be that “out of their comfort zones” just yet. Perform a few rounds after your resistance training or on your off training days a couple times per week, whatever works for you but do it! You can also do one or two intervals per week after lifting and one or two lighter sessions on other days. If you don’t like to train that much, just stick to the intervals after your lifting to get the greatest rewards. If you want specifics on this, just let me know. You can use these formulas to find out your training zones (and never go by the useless programs on machines)

Males: 220-age = HR max and to get your HRrest find your pulse when you wake up in the morning and count the beats for ten seconds than multiply by 6

Females: 206-age = HR max and to get your HRrest find your pulse when you wake up in the morning and count the beats for ten seconds than multiply by 6

THR = ((HRmax − HRrest) × % intensity) + HRrest

Example for someone with a HRmax of 180 and a HRrest of 70:

50% Intensity: ((180 − 70) × 0.50) + 70 = 125 bpm
85% Intensity: ((180 − 70) × 0.85) + 70 = 163 bpm

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