#MPOWERment Workout Music #4 2

This first song (and will post all of the album names too, thanks Mike T Nelson for that awesome idea) is a very special post dedicated to an old friend and his beautiful sister, a newer friend both amazing spirits. RIP Dave and may your legacy live on through your killer music xoxo

1. Woods of Ypres – Kiss My Ashes (Goodbye) from the album WOODS 5: GREY SKIES & ELECTRIC LIGHT

2. Five Finger Death Punch – Under and Over it from the album American Capitalist

3. Jay Z and Kanye West – No Church in the Wild from the album Watch the Throne

4. Skillrex – Bangarang from the album Bangarang

5. Run DMC – Down with the King from the album Down with the King

6. Run DMC – Oooh Watcha Gonna Do from the album Down with the King

7. Method Man and Busta Rhymes – What’s Happening from the album Tical O The Prequel

8. Puscifer – Momma Sed from the album V is for Vagina (yeah baby lol)

9. Deftones – Feiticeira from the album White Pony

10. Godsmack – Speak from the album IV

Your fit tip for January is this: never think in absolutes and never listen to anyone who does. What I mean by this is that not every type of program, class, workout is right for everyone. There are too many cultists out there when it comes to training and nutriton and if anyone says there way is the best way and anything else is bunk, RUN (oh but wait isn’t running bad :p)  Experiment and try a variety of classes, foods, trainers and nutritionists and find the fit for YOU that will keep you feeling good and being healthy. Start by buying a book or borrowing one from the library just to get you started if you never have done an exercise or nutrition plan before and just stick with that one until it’s through and keep learning and asking questions 😉 Not everyone likes bootcamp style workouts and that is completely okay! Not everyone can thrive on a low carb or a low fat or a blah blah blah diet. As the saying goes, “One man’s food is another man’s poison”, remember that. Always be asking questions and testing and monitoring how you look and more importantly how you feel. There is no one protocol for anyone and if you are working with someone or are starting your new year with the goal of working with someone to take you to the next level, be sure to ask questions and if they blow them off, you really should blow them off too! Always keep learning, always keep moving and always keep it simple 😉 Have a kick ass start to the new year!!!

P.S. Just got some New Balance Minimus for Christmas and LOVE them! If you need some new training shoes you might want to try them. BUT these are better for lifting and for “playing” I find than they are for running or sprinting.

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