#MPOWERment Workout Music #21 – Move Your Ass Before Snow Covers the Grass!

Summer is officially winding down but the funny thing is, here in Toronto, we are getting some of warmest weather NOW. Weather…you are weird 🙂 I am in the process of moving into a new place as well as a new gym that I will be training out of (Spartan Fitness). I have been in Toronto now for a year and the journey to my goal is a long one but it is getting there. Why am I sharing that with you? I am sharing that bit about my life because any sustaining and worthwhile journey is just that, a journey. A journey or goal takes time. It can be tough to accept that because we all want things done or accomplished yesterday, but taking short cuts, being impatient and so on, will only ultimately backfire or make you make poor decisions. Believe me, I am someone who just leaps and is not at all afraid of change and while most people need to embrace this a lot more, when it comes to you and your health and fitness goals, this can be a bad thing. If you are jumping from one diet and training style to the next, jumping into extreme things like all of a sudden dropping all carbs, not having coffee, quitting smoking, switching your social life so you don’t eat out or drink or stay out too late, doing high intensity work 5 days per week when you are a newbie and you are not ready yet, you are setting yourself up for failure. No one is superhuman and while a few can manage to make so many changes and have it stick, the vast majority cannot. In order to accomplish goals it often means changing behaviours, possibly environments and maybe even social circles. It is said to take around 20-30 days to develop a new habit and there is a ton of evidence that taking on too much at once will backfire. Once you write down your goals, prioritize them, write down some action steps to achieving those goals. Than I want you to focus on one of those action steps at a time, making it a very conscious thing until after those 20-30 days it becomes second nature and you just “automatically” do it. You are than ready for the next action step towards the goal. If you have support than you will be able to tackle more than one step at a time so be sure to reach out. If your goal is to get to a healthier weight/change your body composition, start with simple things like replacing your juices and sodas with water or tea and for activity decide if you are someone who likes social or non-social training ie. are you motivated enough to do at home workouts or do you need the gym environment to help keep you accountable and find the type of class or training that works for YOU (you may need help with this to figure that out)?  Okay I am off to get some training in for the upcoming Tough Mudder so for now for you if you are just starting out read these words and KNOW that small changes will lead to big results you just must be patient. That is LEGIT!  Enjoy your playlist below for some killer training tunes woooooooooooh!


1. Natalia Kills – Problem

2. Marylin Manson – Better of 2 Evils

3. Afrojack and Chris Brown – As Your Friend

4. Zedd – Empire of the Sun

5. Quarashi – Stick ‘Em Up

6. Twista – I ain’t Wired Right

7. Korn – Let the Guilt Go

8. The Dirty Youth – Fight

9. Disturbed – Voices

10. Dilated Peoples ft Kanye West – That Way

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