#MPOWERment Workout Music #2

Okay I just couldn’t wait for the first of November to share some more great workout tunes with you from my Ipod so here we go!

1. Ja Rule – Clap Back

2. Quarashi – Stick Em Up

3. Dr Dre – Bang Bang

4. Swollen Members – Too Hot

5. Revl9n – Machine

6. Pitbull, Timbaland, David Guetta – Pass at Me

7. Led Zepplin – Gallows Pole

8. Pantera – Yesterday Don’t Mean Shit

9. Flyleaf – So Sick

10. Deftones – My Own Summer (Shove it)

Enjoy and here is your fit tip: When trying to maximize fat loss (while maintaining as much muscle as possible) and doing cardio on an empty stomach, keep the intensity moderate, have a pre-cardio drink with some BCAA/EAA’S, some creatine and some fish oil (sip a bcaa/eaa during too and post workout just have some whey with some more fish oil as your recovery, waiting at least an hour after this to have your first meal of the day).

Need more music? Click Here

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