#MPOWERment Workout Music #17- March Madness

Another Arnold’s Sports Festival has come and gone, the 25th anniversary to be exact, and yet again, another wicked good time! I do attend these to see the amazing work people bring forth on the stage with their physiques but I tend to get more excited about watching the combat stuff, meeting the various people, seeing new products like the badass Sorinex toys that I was intro’d to and of course, learning whatever I can! I attended the International Society of Sports Nutrition Strength Pro Conference  (which I will post the write up on later) and got to hang with and learn from some of the coolest most badass people in the industry like Mike T. Nelson (ok so we really just got to meet up as he was speaking at an NSCA conference but still lol), learned from and got some mad hookups from the one and only Coach Nick Tumminello 540917_10151545429517502_1346249816_n

Rick Collins , and the other kick ass crew of speakers like Doug Kalman , Tim Ziegenfuss, Darryn Willoughby , Tony Ricci and the list of wooohoooo’ers goes on! I admire these people so much and it is so cool to be in their presence 🙂 Discussions went on from everything nutrition and supplement related to training and my more…like MMA related ish ;D I had more pictures but am currently trying to recover them from my Blackberry :p Alright so here is your March training playlist to have you MARCHing on into the gym and getting your swerve on. Enjoy!


1. Stemm – Monster

2. ICE Cube – Wicked (although I LOVE the Korn version too!!)

3. Green Iron Fist – Full Devil Jacket

4. Mike Shinoda feat Deftones – Razors Out

5. Junior Jack – Thrill Me

6. Newsted – Soldierhead

7. Eminem – Rabbit Run

8. Mushroomhead – Burn

Sexy slow it down songs:

9. Yoav – Club Thing


10. Nine Inch Nails – The Only Time

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