#MPOWERment Workout Music #15 – New Year New You

I must say, this year so far has been starting off on the right foot. Here is the secret to why that is…I choose for it to start this way and choose to work towards it. Yes there are things that are often out of our control but for the most part, we do have the power within us all to choose overall, longterm outcomes. Just keep going, keep trying and find what works for YOU to make that sink in and to make it stick in whatever it is you do or want to do. Take your big goal, whatever it may be, and break it down working backwards and take even the tiniest of steps every day towards it.  Never have been much of a “resolution” kind of person to look for my solution. I don’t care what time of year it is, a date should not define you or be used as your excuse for not getting started on improving you NOW. EVERY day is an opportunity to do this and hell, if you are alive and kicking you damn well better be taking advantage of this gift! I am still doing a bit too much of the working too hard vs the working smarter thing but that is getting better each day even if I do still find myself somewhat spinning my wheels at times. Well without further ado, here is your workout tunage for January. Sorry for this being late but I just woke up and realised that we were now in 2013 LOL (can you say bizzay:p).  Don’t forget to check your tip at the end of the playlist. By the way,  as your weekly or monthly treat for following through with your goals, if you enjoy desserts and choose that to be your small reward for whatever you are working towards I have just the thing for you. If you want something small and portioned out for you to help NOT throw you off your body goal, check out the beautiful, talented and FIT Dayna Richardson’s Bite Me Bakery 🙂 If she can treat herself to these, as well as others in the fitness industry and even the every day peeps and stay looking so yum yum, you can too (in moderation please ;D )

1. As I Lay Dying – The Sound of Truth

2. Flyleaf – Call You Out

3. System of a Down with Wu Tangg Clan – Shame

4. Hatebreed – Destroy Everything

5. Cypress Hill – Superstar

6. Deftones – You’ve Seen the Butcher

7. Lloyd Banks – On Fire

8. DeathStars – Metal

9. Saul Williams – Break

And your cool down but get’s me jacked up tune :

10. Fun – Carry On

Well, I have decided to include an extra (my lucky number 11) song for this month because it helps lead me into my tip which is to have:


Now before you get the internet blogging censors on my hiney let me explain. First of all don’t for one second think that I am just another one of those skankified slutties out there who is all about just exposing her T and A and promoting an already overly sexualised image of women. Trust me, if you know me, I border on feminazi aka go women let’s do this and take over yo! And please do not try to put me in whatever other stereotypical bullshit box you want to put me in there are just some women who open and honest and real and are totally ok with their sexuality (umm rant over maybe).  I am not in any way shape or form condoning promiscuity either when I say have more sex and such because I am sooooo not even remotely doing this and very highly frown upon it. I sure as hell am not some chick who needs a man and is trying to grab one by posting about sex and blah blah blah because quite frankly I am ashamed of those girls for not having enough self-respect…ok so on to it. Here is what I am promoting and that is sex and sexuality as a part of our overall health and well-being. Holistically, health involves a healthy sex life as ADULTS and who are in committed, loving, consensual relationships or some kind of friends with benefits agreement :p We are sexual creates and sex is a part of our being, our nature, and if you pretend otherwise or choose to ignore it and suppress it for whatever reason, you will most likely suffer in areas of your life. A healthy sex life is, yes, VERY enjoyable, but it is also a means to a better sense of confidence and overall mind and body health.  Sex (to orgasm with a loving partner) boosts immunity, burns calories, improves heart health and circulation, improves mood states, helps you to sleep, it may decrease pain, it helps to lower certain forms of cancer, increases mental acuity, oh and of course, it helps to make beautiful little people to carry on your legacy. I do have a ton of research and wink wink empiral evidence to prove these facts (lol) but this post is not the time or place for it, just trust me and grab your partner and get to it 😉 Seriously, how is THAT tip and order for you for a great way to start the year!

P to the S : High intensity, short rest interval type of training with weights using compound movements is a way to help boost your sex drive, some foods to help with boosting your sex drive are spinach, oysters, green tea, cherries, celery, dark chocolate, red wine (to an extent because too much can have the opposite effect of what you are going for), some smells are vanilla, licorice and chocolate and some supplements touted for this are l-arginine, gingko, and yohimbe. Just being yourself and relaxing (hence why you need to be with a person you have a bond with, trust and feel at ease with) will help as well. Enjoy!

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