#MPOWERment Workout Music #14

1. Silverchair – Isreal’s Son

2. Pantera – A New Level

3. Killswitch Engage – Fixation on the Darkness

4. Chimaira – The Year of the Snake

5. Halestorm- Love Bites (and so do I)

6. Hole – Violet

7. Garbage – Sex Is Not The Enemy

8. AC/DC – If You Want Blood (I HAD to put this video of the song. I fu$king LOVE this scene and this movie :D)

9. Flyleaf – Call You Out

10. Cranberries – Salvation (listen to the words kiddies, teens and even you grown ups 😉 )

Your fit tip for the month of December is this:

Nothing is ever absolute when it comes to training, nutrition or really anything in life for that matter but here are some suggestions for you to help you with your lifts while keeping your back safe. The hip hinge for whatever reason is a challenge to teach and for many to grasp. This does not mean that these people should forever shy away from certain exercises such as the bentover barbell row, it just means that there are other cues or things that you can use to help teach them or to implement (be conscious of) during your lifts. Yes you do need to get the hinge you really do but there are ways that you can take advantage of awesome gains with this lift while still keeping your back safe. To help you understand the hip hinge, I want you to keep a slight bend in your knees while slightly bending at the waist and fire your ass towards the wall behind you. That cue I picked up from and Eric Cressey blog post but he did use better language than I just did lol. Now once you are in the correct lower body position with you chest slightly up grasping the bar with a pronated (thumbs facing eachother, palms down) grip at just past shoulder width, I want you to focus on putting some tension (sort of “flexing”) your glutes and hamstrings. I want you to hold that tension throughout the row and you will no doubt keep a healthier back. This can also be applied to when you are doing a deadlift. Start out with that tension. Another quick tip I want to give you is that during many exercises or movements or whatever “cool term” the kids are calling it these days :p you are doing, unless you are a beginning lifter or have a particular goal at hand, you will often benefit more so and be able to lift more, when you are NOT working through a full range of motion. This is not an absolute but once you have reached a point in your training for several reasons, this no longer needs to be the case. By keeping tension on the muscle you will be stronger as well as keeping the time under tension and tetanus effect on “guard”. An example of this would be during chin ups. Starting and finishing from a full hang and you will no doubt be weaker and get frustrated. Stopping just before you lock out or reach full hang will help you to bust past plateaus as well as increase your rate of goal attainment whether it be strength or hypertrophy. I also like to use this when starting many other lifts, again such as the bentover row. Practice the move a couple of times without weight, knowing where you should be feeling the tension, and just before getting back to a full starting position, keep that hold than grab the weight and fire off from there. Give these tips a try and my goodness I hope this made sense it has been a long day but wanted to get something out to you! If you need any clarification on this, feel free to ask or find me if you are around here lol.

P.S. eat your veggies! 😀

P.P.S I am soooo probably going to go back and read this tomorrow and edit the crap out of this lol

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