#MPOWERment Workout Music #12

Well it is official…summer is over BUT the beautiful weather continues 🙂 ! I have just landed back in Canada, Toronto to be exact and was blessed by one of my very dearest friends to be surprised with something pretty awesome. I suppose you could say it was another bucket list thing, nothing too extravagant but it was something that I had wanted to do since my youth. I am in LOVE with music and movement. I suppose this is why I love the martial arts, “playing”  and dance lifestyle 😉 I had always heard of people heading to the Guvernment dance club when I was younger and had always wanted to go to see what it was all about (oh and of course I used to want to be on Electric Circus too but that went out a while back lol). I could never afford to go as I would have to make the trip, find a place to stay, the tickets etc (although I could tell you some crazy stories lol) but this past weekend, in honour of the end of summer was Labour of Love at the Guv. and woot woot, I was there and loving every minute of it! I am pretty sure that I was the only sober person within a five to ten mile radius that weekend :p and still had an awesome time. Now this still did really kick my ass though even if I didn’t touch anything as I am typically in bed by 10pm but you only live once and it IS about balance after all 😉 I find it rather interesting that by happenstance of my previous MDD post, I said it would be “the other side of me” type of music and well this just fit too perfectly! So here are your September workout tunes and this time I decided to do things a little differently and instead of a simple tip, I have given you a workout to try at the end of the post. Check it out and have a great September!

1. Gareth Emery – Concrete Angel

2. Markus Schulz and Ferry Corsten – Loops and Tings

3. Paul Van Dyke – We Are Alive

4. Laidback Luke  feat Chuckie and Martin Solvieg – 1234

5. Tinie Tempah – Written in the Stars

6. Alesso and Dirty South – City of Dreams

7. Congorock – Babylon

8. Hardwell and Tiesto – Zero 76

9. Glen Morrison – Hydrology

10. I am OBSESSED, and have been since he first came on the scene, with Shawn Desman sooo your cooldown song is his new one Nobody Does it Like You (love it)

The workout I am providing you is, as are all “workouts” a PART of a progressive or periodized PROGRAM. This particular workout can be scaled to fit your current fitness level and/ or goals. The aim of this is to help with your proprioception, balance, core strength and stability as well as helping you to be strong in all planes of motion while also helping with conditioning. Perform a warmup such as those you can find throughout my blog that will not only get your body warm and  blood flowing, but will also get your nervous system fired up and your mobility in check. Typically 10-15 minutes is good for a warmup and please do the same time frame, give or take, for your cooldown of light movement followed by static stretching and foam rolling. Your tempo, speed of contraction, rest intervals etc. will vary according to YOUR goals too but here goes…

Pistol Squats 5 reps each side

One-Leg Deadlift 6-8 each side

One-Arm Cable-V pull with Rotation 6-8 reps

One-Arm Cable V-press with Rotation 4-7 reps

Single Arm Dumbell Snatch 10 reps each side

Pallof Press 6 reps each side with Isometric hold

Rest 2-3 minutes and repeat 3 times

Cable Squat to High Row Pull 10 reps

Spider Pushups 6-8 reps each side

Lateral Lunge with Dumbbell Lateral Throws 12 reps total

Rear Lunge to High-Knee with Muay Thai Elbow 8-10 each side

Dumbell Rotator Circuit 12-15 reps

Swiss Ball Figure 8’s to fatigue (basically you are kneeling or standing in a plank position on a stability ball and making small figure 8’s with your upper body while trying to keep your abs braced and back in neutral)

Rest 2-3 minutes and repeat 3 times

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