#MPOWERment Workout Music #11

I want to start this post off with a little ditty to capture what is the fact that this post is late so here goes… I am such a knucklehead sorry it was just turrible of me (what’s not turrible is Caliendo’s impersonations lol)

I am trying to catch up on a ton of work right now as well as just dealing with the things currently on my plate so my bad for being late! This months tunage is to pay hommage to my getting to check off another thing from my bucketlist. Really it is actually two because attending Rockstar Mayhemfest AND seeing my favourite band, Slipknot, were two separate things that just happened to coincide at the same event (saweeeet). They have something monstrous coming and I cannot wait

By the way, if you thought they were good before, seeing them live will seriously blow your mind! I have some video to upload on here, as soon as this darn thing will allow it :p so stay tuned (movies…so stoked Slipknot is making movies), of part of the show where they were paying tribute to Paul Gray (my apologies as the quality is balls, which means bad as I learned balls means “good” out here in MA, but this shows you how close I was ahem right up from baby!) Here is a sic pic for now There were a TON of badass bands there like Motorhead, Anthrax, Slayer, Asking Alexandria Dirtfedd (oh yeah me likey!!!), insane mosh pits but very well controlled (good job Comcast peeps), an all around sic time! Alright so enough of my yammering about how freaking UNREAL this was for me, here are your August workout tunes to help you kick it up hardcore and don’t forget your fitness/health tip at the end 😉

1. Slipknot – Surfacing (great message to this one 😉 which is why it is one of my faves)

2. DirtFedd – Shotgun Romance

3. Asking Alexandria -Not the American Average

4. Disturbed – Asylum

5. Rob Zombie – Feel so Numb

6. Methods of Mayhem – Anger Management

7. Limp Bizkit – Eat You Alive

8. Godhead ft. Marilyn Manson – Break You Down

9. Powerman 5000 – When Worlds Collide

10.Cooldown song: Sublime – 40 oz to Freedom

Core, schmor, talking about it is a bore :p okay it really is and that term itself is just blashphemis at this point to even use but it is important to have a strong one. I have decided to do this tip-erooni a little different this month and instead am giving you one of my favourite exercises to inCOREporate (get it? see what I did there lol) in between sets that will really help you to strengthen part of your core, and most of all will help to protect your spine.I have found that keeping the reps under six to be best and to really up your strength, use an isometric contraction (basically just keep the handle held out) on the last rep for as long as you safely can. The instant you feel you are starting to twist, reset and do the other side. I learned the original Pallof press from Mike Boyle’s stuff so here is one of his videos demonstrating how to perform it. He is doing it kneeling which can be a bit more challenging for some so you can also do it standing as well as those more advanced, doing it in a split stance or on one knee at a time

Trust me, this is a lot tougher than it might look but is very effective.

The “other side” of me errr my music likes 😉 is coming next month so if you like hip hop or dance, check back!

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