#MPOWERment Workout Music #10

Hello again and to my fellow Canadians, HAPPY CANADA DAY but to my American friends, Happy Independence day to you in another couple of days 😉 As you might have guessed this post of workout tunage is geared towards honouring some of the MANY wicked talented Canadiana but I didn’t leave you out either my yankee doodlers and have a few American-esque songs in there too. Enjoy, be grateful that we live in such great countries (Canada was bumped up to number 4 on this years list of happiest places to live yeah baby!) with so many freedoms, rights, privileges and blessings. Don’t forget your health and fitness tip at the end. Now plug in and get moving yo!

1. Baby Blue Soundcrew – Money Jane

2. Classified – Oh Canada

3. Shawn Desman – Sexy

4. Drake – I’m on One

5. Lights – Banner

6. Deadmau5 feat Cypress Hill – Failbait

7. Dayglo Abortions – Proud to be a Canadian

8. Woods of Ypres – Your Ontario Town is a Burial Ground (this song is SO true in my opinion too. We are from the same town just so you know why I can say that:p and David, who sadly passed this year, was an amazing talent with amazing courage to chase and live his dreams)

9. LOL I HAD to put some of the Biebs in here 😛

Justin Bieber feat Ludacris – All Around the World

And to pay tribute to the US of A

10. Fun – Some Nights

We are now officially in the summer season and that means that you will most likely be losing more water from the scorching summer sun. If you like to workout outdoors your need increases that much more. Staying properly hydrated will not only help your health, performance and mental well-being, but it will also help to keep the extra barb-q and patio beer flubbs at bay by helping keep you full. Finding it hard to get in that much water in day because tasty junky sodas, juices or other ish is just too delish? Well try this little tip to make drinking all of your water a little less bland and boring. Fill a 4 L jug (or so) with some water. This will be a guideline of water for you to consume if you are really active. I want you to choose a different fruit for each day or every couple of days or you can mix them too. Cut up some of the fruit, for example some watermelon, pineapple or cantaloupe,  and put in the jug of water and let it sit overnight for your next days intake. This will add a light flavouring to your water that won’t give you the calories, sugar and crapola that you would get from drinking juices. You can also add some sparkling water to make it more like a spritzer! Enjoy and stay cool 😉

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