#MPOWERment Workout Music #1

My beautiful friend April Haynes of Fab Fitness gave me an incredible idea today (and you too Wayne for the tip lady lol cause I know you’re reading this 😉 )and well, if you know me or have followed any part of my posts, you know music is my thing plus I know how much music has an effect on workouts and how tough it can be sometimes to find songs to mix it up with soooooo…I am going to have a monthly post called #MPOWERment Workout Music which will give you my top ten workout tunes for the month plus a tip or two on training, health, nutrition or just some other randomness cause randomness is just how I roll…jelly roll (I dunno :p) Enjoy and let me know on here or here https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=510982501 if you want more or just what you think 🙂

1. Naughty By Nature – Uptown Anthem

2. Skillrex – Rock N Roll

3. MGMT – Electric Feel

4. Maximal Crazy – Dj Tiesto

5. Slipknot – Duality

6. Korn with Skillrex – Get Up

7. Taproot- Path Less Taken

8. Q Tip – Man Woman Boogie

9. Awolnation – Sail

10. Ministry – Let’s Go

I am scooting out so your tip for today is simply to download these tunes, crank them up and get moving! See ya on the flipside 😉

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