Mommy and Me Workout

Over the years I have had the pleasure to work with (and learn from) many types of people from different demographics with different goals, backgrounds and needs. At the end of the day in all of this, and from every one of the aforementioned, from fat loss, rehab, young to elderly, disease prevention and performance, the same MAIN goal applies: HEALTH!

One of the amazing things I was lucky to do was to do some mommy and me (yes it can be daddies too) workout. This family fitness (mommy and me workout) is a great way to bond with your kids while also being a great role model by showing them early on, how easy and fun it is to MOVE.

Depending on the age of your child, you can up the intensity a bit with a longer work to rest ratio or you can keep the work ratio the same, but simply add a few low plyometric “hops/bounding” to the moves. I didn’t get to get all of the warmup and the exercises in here but the video shows you the gist of the exercises.

There are many warm up drills as well as exercises you can do but for now, here are a few for you to try (a 10 minute warm up of a fun bear crawl to crab walk race with gorilla runs and chase the ball, tag etc.) Each of the exercises can be done for 30 seconds with 15 seconds rest between each one.

The moves are to be done slow and controlled to help the child gain body awareness as well as some level strength and fitness. This will also help to ensure that they aren’t just firing through at their joints instead of their muscles and helping them to learn to focus. Perform this as a circuit for 3-5 rounds with rest as needed for your child. Cooldown with a nice leisurely walk or if your munchkin is still ready to woooooh, than burn some of that energy with a fun game of dodgeball, basketball or other non-competitive game time play.

1. Squat to High Five

2. Partner Plank

3. Hands Held Forward/Reverse Lunges (in the video I only got one side but please do both for the alloted time)

4. Hip Exchange

5. Hip Thrusts (Not in video sorry)

6. Crunch Pullups (this is intended to be a pull up using the back and arm muscles on the way up not just an assisted situp…big difference 😉 )

7. Jumping Jack/Crossovers (not in video)

Finding time for yourself as well as for your kids to be active, let alone getting to spend time together with a full schedule of work, school and other obligations as a parent is tough. This amazing momma is a prime example and role model of how no matter what you CAN do it and every bit counts now and more importantly, later in life.



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