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>I love being a part of transforming people’s health and I guess physiques come with that too but the health part and making them smile and feel good is MY priority even though the appearance thing is often theirs, but one of my other huge loves hands down is performance…health and performance. I just brought on two new MMA fighters and am so excited to witness their health and performance improvements while still cutting weight. These are two badass girls (Amanda Wilcoxen- Morgan www.morganmma.com and Nikki http://www.mmarecruiter.com/index.php?do=/knicxx/) who work INCREDIBLY hard and deserve to feel incredible (well as incredible as you can when you do what they do 😉 and I am honored that they have trusted me with their health and performance goals (I do have some great people as resources as well which I am ever so grateful for). I will be posting progress on them and keeping you up to date on how they are doing, upcoming fights etc but in the meantime…you should keep an eye out for as I am sure they will do even greater things than they already do . Both have incredible coaches and support teams working with them but like anything, everyone has a niche or can only do so much before you have to outsource. BTW I am sure that these girls would love the support of any supplement/mma gear and clothing line so while I will be doing my part to help them with that as well, please feel free to contact me athletictraynor@gmail.com if you would like to support them or even sign up someone of your own to get on board with me 🙂

Many athletes and competitors put so much time, effort, money and other sacrifices forth or are exploited and abused (especially women) to do what they love and many do not get the respect or help they deserve and I want to be a part of helping this end. My loves of getting people off meds and healthy,fitness and mma are on my priority list in this regard, of course after kids 🙂

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