A Mish-Mash of Mmmmmm


I love this time of the year for the hearty foods that come around. Knowing that fall is coming, I decided to make and share with you, another of my ‘big pots of goodness’. This one is made up of ingredients common to the fall season, it is very high in fiber, beta-carotene, vitamin c, B vitamins, and on it goes! This meal is also gluten-free, paleo-ish, vegetarian, vegan…whatever you are doing.

I love to make these big pots of food for the week so I am not only saving time but money as well while getting in necessary nutrients. The pot I use can hold about 3-4 days of food for 1-2 meals per day. I eat other foods in addition to this during the week, as should you, but it sets me, and you if you do it, up for health and fat loss success.

I am probably much like many of you who do not have all of the time in the world to prep and cook food and I don’t care to spend all of my time in the kitchen. This makes for a perfect recipe of something like what I made I simply called a ‘Mish-Mash of Mmm’.


As I do not care to spend my time soaking my beans for days, prepping etc. etc., I used the following ingredients which saved my a ton of time had I gone the ‘theoretical way’ and yes, still super nutritious. You can ignore the frozen edamame as it didn’t fit the colour and seasonal pattern so I omitted it, and the strips of organic Ontario sirloin were cooked and used as a side:

  • canned black beans and kidney beans (already cooked)
  • carrots (peeled, chopped and cooked just to softness)
  • peeled, poked and microwaved sweet potatoes (mashed up)
  • baked corn on the cob (kernels were shaved off into the pot)
  • canned peas (nothing but peas, water, and a little salt)
  • canned pumpkin (nothing but pumpkin)
  • (spices I felt would taste great with this) cinnamon, turmeric, and nutmeg

This is the part where you add a little extra flavour IF you want to. Pinches of things are great for helping to not have extra inches to pinch ;-D

This mish-mash is pretty delicious on its own but there are some great health-promoting properties in spices so why the heck not right 😉  Below is a super exciting video of me adding small doses as I prefer the straight-up taste of my food ;-D

After you mash the sweet potatoes in the pot, add in all of the other washed, cut, cooked, shaved ingredients and mix it all up with your spices and enjoy with your favourite side of meat or all on its own!

P.S. stop making excuses for yourself and say that you don’t know, you need a recipe, you….seriously the complication of things is a brain trick preventing you from change. Just think of foods, flavours you enjoy and experiment.


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