Mind Muscle Connection

It is a given that in order to reshape your body and change your body composition, you must put on some lean muscle. This can mean different amounts to different people but having a good foundation of muscle will help with adding shape, the repartitioning of nutrients for fat loss, energy and health, as well as preventing injury, making you stronger, and helping “tighten up” your body.images

There are many different styles of resistance training out there. None of them are flat out wrong per se, but very often there is a major factor missing that will hold you back regardless of the method. This factor is the mind to muscle connection, the ability to actually create tension in the muscles.

Truly concentrating on creating tension aka putting stress on the muscles you are working, be it in lifting weights or with calisthenics, you will facilitate greater strength, movement ability and a better level of body composition due to the awesome muscle you can build with focus. This mind to muscle connection prevents you from just going through the motions and putting all of the stress on your nervous system or joints


From learning how to properly brace, to being able to put actual tension on your muscles instead of using momentum, it takes a lot of practice, focus and intention. This particular practice is so often ignored but is one of the most important for preventing injuries as well as for developing a body that is healthy, lean, athletic, agile and functional. You must also realize the importance of being in that moment and focusing on your goal instead of just checking out the hotties in the gym 😉

Our minds are our most powerful weapons when it comes to our bodies. They must work together to be optimal. To simply focus on dieting, cardio, circuits and throwing weights, is shortchanging yourself from being your best. The ability to focus and work with intent should first be the goal as it will make the more superficial things like losing fat, building a booty, become that much simpler. Control your mind and you can control your body.


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