Mind-Body Connection

Often times you may see me with my eyes closed while I am training, no I am not sleeping, or crying as someone thought because I had sweat dripping that apparently looked like tears (lol), I am truly tapping in to my mind-body connection. Yes I may look odd givin’it while my eyes are closed and yes people often stare but I guess it doesn’t help that I often DO weird looking things for training too. I am almost back at my level where I was with my meditations and visualizations and it has always helped me to truly tune in to my body and totally tune out my unnecessary surroundings to depict exactly what I want to focus on and see or feel. I now have the ability back where I can do my visualizations with my eyes open as well but it isn’t quite the same as the effects produced with your eyes closed and if you could see what was going on in my head, you would probably choose to close your eyes too 😉 By training like this you also develop other skills. You become more agile, fluid and you improve greatly on your balance and proprioception. I don’t recommend this to beginners by any means but as you advance I highly suggest you incorporate this on some level, even if it is just jumping rope with your eyes closed. I do this with all types of my training somewhat and it has been helping me a lot. I also enjoy my training sessions more as it reminds me that I am in complete control. I think this is a very overlooked part of training in many ways and is really, in my opinion, the most important.

(use your discretion when doing this please I don’t want any lawsuits lol)

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