Melisscious’ Delicious Discography 19 – Awesome April Workout Tunage

1. Deadmau5 & Imogen Heap (Crookers Remix) – Telemiscommunication

2. Vita Chambers – Fix You

3. Kardinal Offishall (Crookers Remix) – Put Your Hands On Me

4. Huntress – Spell Eater

5. Rob Zombie – Feel So Numb

6. Escape the Fate – Situations

7. BodyCount – Body Count (really I wanted to post a different song of their but I don’t want to offend anyone:p)

8. Kanye West – Lost in the World

9. Chemical Brothers – Burst Generator

10. Cooldown Jam: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Starting Over

Your tip for the month is one that will not only protect your shoulders (dude I have had done some effed up ish and have been in some very potentially injurious sitches to my shoulders and never been injured and this is one of the reasons), but it will make you more awesome in all of your lifts, pulls, throws and on and on it goes (yeah I just made that rhyme on purpose). This is also a tip that will help you with your posture and help in prevention of injuries in many ways from head to head since well, we are connected from head to toe and shitty posture often leads to injury. This fab-o “move” or tip is simply shoulder depression and adduction or retraction. Just like my prior post on how tensing your butt during really any lifts will ASSist you and protect as well as make you stronger, you must be able to activate, feel tension in and understand the muscles that should be called into action. Teaching someone this and just general body awareness is a freaking challenge but once it happens, PAPOW things start rocking. Ok so here are some pics of exercises to show you what depresstion and retraction or adduction looks like. The single picture is a bit excessive and I wouldn’t actually recommend such an excessive “squeeze” or you will probably fatigue or find yourself shrugging upward, which defeats everything…EVERYTHINNNNNNG (<—-me being dramatic 🙂 ) This might sound weird to you but you want your shoulder girdle to be both mobile and stable although much more so stable and it’s like woah SG can you just pick one and make things easier but no, nothing is ever quite so simple 🙂


untitledWhen you get to a point that you can activate this on the spot and maintain it or even better, it is a subconscious thing, you will not only stand taller but you will be better in lifts of all varieties and you will find that if you are a puncher aka combat athlete, you will experience less elbow and shoulder injury also any type of thrower or “pusher” (not the drug pusher kind though, you will get nothing from this or my blog, or me, except maybe one of those punches I just mentioned :D). Deadlifting? Keep this tension and protect your lower back while also getting a stronger upper back. Punching? Less chance of hyperextension at the elbow and less “give back” to the shoulder joint upon contact or impact with the punch. If this is done properly, it shouldn’t affect the speed or elasticity of your punches so chill your grill. Benching? Ta da! You will be stronger AND again protect your shoulders. Pullups, chins? Maintaining this will help keep your humerus (upper arm)stay in the shoulder socket lol (as well as better anterior stability at the glenoid fossa, part of why dips suck for most people too is because that happens) as well as helping you maintain an overall better (and correct) movement patterns. There that is it for you today kids. I literally just spit this out in five or so so hopefully it makes sense and came out of my brain to fingertips accordingly :p Word to big bird and I am out like, well, like someone who just exited a doorway.

p.s. I want to state for the record that I am NOT saying to be tensed up when throwing punches like if you were doing bench or shoulder work etc. That is the last thing you should do as your punches power really comes from your lower body and core and your fists should throw fast and recoil just as quickly. Yes there is research on this stuff but to be honest I read a LOT and find it annoying for my blogging purposes to cite all of that stuff here so suck it 🙂 Want proof? Come find me, I will explain in person, and oh yeah better yet just do it and thank me later lovelies 🙂

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