>Master Moy Lin-Shin (1931-1998) teachings

>I find myself getting deeper and deeper back into my old practices and while it is such a positive experience, those who have been in similar places as I have, know that reaching that “state” can also be a bit scary. I posted something on this before from when I was about 16 but with my daily rituals and further involvement in Taoist internal arts (thanks to my dad I began learning at an early age but lost some of this over the past few years), sometimes there are things that come up and out that you may have ignored or surpressed and that can be scary. This is so therapeutic though on so many levels. It makes you a stronger person as it forces you to deal with these things but it is definitely a challenge on your own. I am not that close with the members as of yet to share in these experiences but I find my own outlets and my inner strength has always helped me overcome. My flexibility, balance and overall laxity has been improving lately but it will still take some time to get to where I was, thank goodness I love a good challenge 😉 There are over 108 moves to improve upon but I will get there! If you are interested in Tai Chi or any of the other taoist arts check out http://www.taoist.org/content/standard.asp

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