>Let’s get wicked workout

>Goal: Don’t Puke LOL, do as many rounds as you can and just keep progressing.

For each round that you do, your goal will be to fit in 100 revolutions of jump rope x set number you are at within 60 seconds i.e. round one will be 100 revs. in 60 secs, round 2 will be 200 revs. in 60 secs and so on. If you do not have access to kettlebells, try using medicine balls with handles or dumbells/plate but KB’s are ideal and less chance of injury as they are more “fluid” for this. This is an advanced workout so take it at your own level but still push yourself. I am posting these psycho workouts (which should NOT be done daily) because I get so many people, girls in particular who are sick of the “cardio queen crowns” with the lack of results. Results are 100% diet and 100% PROPER metabolic training. As Carter Shoffer says, “Your training plan and your nutrition plan are more like your own heart and lungs. They’re both equally important. You don’t function without either. And without both of them, you’re dead.”

dynamic warmup- ex. high knees, butt kicks, jumping jacks

Jump Squats-30-50
jump rope (see above)
KB Swings-30-50
jump rope
Mountain Climbers- 40-60
jump rope
KB isolateral clean and press 20-40
jump rope
Bosu Pushups (to failure) s/s with chins to failure

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